Phosphorescent Paintings

It it very diffucult to communicate the effect of phosphorescence through images on a computer display. These pigments act as a light source, illuminating the room, when viewed in person. Other paint pigments obviously do not. On a computer screen, all images act as a light source. When browsing through the site, notice I have included images in which people are shown being illuminated by the paintings. The painting is the only light source in these images. I like to consider my paintings 4 dimensional, with time as the fourth. After a painting is charged (normal incandescent light works great), it slowly releases stored light energy, changing as different pigments fade at different rates. Some last a couple minutes, others over 24 hours. The paintings are very dynamic. They change as they are charged from different directions and different lengths of time. Every piece I create will be plainly visible longer than 12 hours in total darkness.

Phosphorescent Pigments

Phosphorescent pigments are derived from zinc sulfide, strontium aluminates, and other rare earth elements. All of the pigments in my work are non-radioactive and non-toxic. I suspend the pigments in acrylic mediums and add conventional organic pigments to add daytime color.

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